Brian and Michelle – 8 Hours of a Family Affair in Berlin

Recently, we hung out with Brian, a digital product designer, and Michelle, an art historian, in Berlin. In these photographs, we capture 8 hours of their day as they juggled working and hanging out with their 5-year-old in the vibrant city.

 For inspiration in their line of work and personal interest, Michelle and Brian find themselves searching for art wherever they go. Berlin is home to some of Europe’s most impressive museums, but to bring children to these museums is often an elaborate, full-day production. Galleries are an excellent alternative. Our time with them began at the König Galerie located in St. Agnes Church.

The two concrete blocks that comprise the famous Brutalist structure sits in stark contrast to the airiness of the gallery housed within them. On the top floor that day, Anselm Reyle’s multimedia sculptures were on display. Three large, free-standing stainless-steel sculptures, polished to reflect their surroundings, visually expanded the already spacious gallery. Neon light configurations that fell from the ceiling and silver foil paintings nestled within multi-colored Plexiglas cases brought colorful accents to the otherwise neutral palette of the space. While museums prohibit close encounters with historical artifacts, galleries provide opportunities for visitors to get close and explore how art is made.

The afternoon was reserved for work and errands. Brian and their kiddo went to the grocery store, with Brian wearing the super hoodie jacket. The jacket’s fabric is sleek, suitable for a gallery setting, but also provides the comfort required for running around town and chasing after a child. Michelle went to work in our jama shirt set. On the way home, she visited one of many bookstores in their neighborhood, while chugging a cup of coffee in preparation for an evening with her energetic family. Our time with them concluded with comforting bowls of noodles, as they planned for the next day.