Kenji Otsubo and Ayumi Suneya at atelier 16H25M 

This season we worked with the atelier 16H25M for our new denim line. Through these photographs, we provide a glimpse of 8 hours behind the scenes in their studio.

Kenji Otsubo and Ayumi Suneya chose the name 16H25M for their company when they looked upon a clock and noticed that it was, indeed, 16:25 on a sunny Tokyo afternoon. Previously as freelancers, their work was not amenable to their health and lifestyle, constantly feeling pressured to cut down on sleep for the sake of finishing projects and facing other problems posed by the fashion industry. In starting their own company, they knew that they did not want to be a single link in a supply chain. Instead, they assembled a team that sewed, made patterns, designed, and did sales, marketing, and PR. As a company that takes care of every facet of garment production, 16H25M thrives in ensuring that it not only controls the quality of its products but also that it is able to foster a comfortable work environment for their community.

Kenji and Ayumi take note of Peter’s attention to detail—the designs are simple but very thorough so that his style is minimalist but warm. For 16H25M, Peter’s meticulousness that extends from the choice of fabric to every production detail echoes their own approach to garment construction. 16H25M chooses and provides fabric samples to the studio and through a constant back and forth, the two teams decide which textiles fit specific garments. Pattern and sample making similarly require rounds of communication that ensure the design is most accurately reflected in the final products, but additionally, that the designs evolve to best speak to the qualities of the textiles, information that 16H25M insightfully incorporates in their samples and suggestions.

Together, 16H25M and Peter Wu create garments through an organic process. They provide their teams the room for creative expression by promoting a gentle, thoughtful environment of care for the garments but also for wellness in life.