Our lives seem to be dictated by 8-hour increments—8 hours of sleep for a healthy lifestyle, 8 hours in a workday. But a lot can happen during this time that don’t fit neatly into these categories. We want a solid 8 hours of sleep, but dreams and nightmares interfere. An 8-hour workday sounds productive until unexpected texts, phone calls, or emails derail our best intentions. Peter Wu’s clothing embraces the messiness that comes with needing to do a lot with very little time. The 8-hours series features how much people can accomplish in 8 hours in our clothes.

The aesthetic and functions of our designs stem from the environment of the Peter Wu studio. Our studio is located in Peter’s home in Paris. Every room is multi-purpose, as a space for work, leisure, and conversations that range widely from technical specifications that need to be met in production to updates on weekend plans. 8 hours in our design studio is more than work; it is a time and place where friends and family gather to share their efforts in making products that speak genuinely to the ease, comfort, and confidence required to move fluidly between work and life.