Jessica Boubetra & Jean-Baptiste Lenglet

Early July 2023, we visited Jessica and Jean-Baptiste in their ceramic production studio in Paris. Through these photographs, we provide a glimpse of 8 hours in the workshop.

Jessica and Jean-Baptiste’s diverse artistic backgrounds — from film, painting, sculpture, to architecture — inform their transdisciplinary workshop Atelier Lumierrante, founded in 2020 and dedicated to ceramic 3D printing.

To ensure that she achieves the precise color she wants, Jessica makes her own glazes by continuously analyzing and adjusting samples.

Jessica is seen here using a plastic 3D printer to make prototypes for a new ceramic object. In the studio, both computer 3D modeling and traditional ceramic techniques are used in their designs and production.

Clay Preparation:
Jean-Baptiste loads a tube with clay that has undergone special preparation for ceramics 3D printing.

Jean-Baptiste begins a print. Clay is directly extruded from the tube that he previously prepared and controlled from a computer.

Glaze Application:
Once the ceramic objects have been printed, high-fire glazes are applied in a ventilated cabin. While some glazes are poured, others are sprayed with a gun for more precise application.

Finally, the ceramic 3D printed objects are placed in a kiln for firing.

The works of Jessica & Jean-Baptiste transcends traditional boundaries between mediums and seeks to put traditional ceramic arts in conversation with digital design, reliant on computers and algorithms. Their innovative processes allow for experimentation in shapes, textures, and colors that go beyond what might be expected of both ceramics and 3D printing.