8 hours at the studios

Five years into the brand and we have experienced many challenges, all of which have allowed us to grow in some important ways thanks to the commitment and dedication of our studio community.


It was only a matter of time that we feature them in our 8-Hour series. We are more than a group of individuals who clock in and clock out five days a week. In our 8-Hour workday (sometimes more), we travel outside the studio to find inspiration in the energy pulsating through Paris’s streets, and we come together to share important parts of experiences with each other—from laughs to frustration, from health tips to food, from technical expertise to creative solutions in work and life. Here is a day with us.


Our studio is located on the left bank, in a quiet street off a main road. Its southern windows overlook the bustling sights and sounds of Parisian urban space, while its northern windows face a quiet garden of a university next door. Coming to work entails traversing, in a span of a few steps, a vibrant boulevard to the quietude of our little street.


Naoko, our pattern cutter, is seen here commuting to work from the metro. She wears relaxed shirt & 2 pleat pants. As Naoko is coming to work, Amanda, our brand communication manager, bikes to a photo shoot for our Fall/Winter collection, taking pictures along the way that document the time and space of the moment but may also serve as inspiration for later collections. Amanda wears pipeline shirt cardigan & tapered denim.


Meanwhile, Yojiro, our assistant designer, bikes in another direction to pick up fabric samples for our upcoming Spring/Summer collection. When he returns, the fabrics are laid out in the studio living room for discussion. Yojiro wears 2-way work shirt over the workwear t, & tapered denim.


After lunch and further down the hallway, Henriette, our production manager who oversees all aspects of our European manufacturing, checks the production details of our garments and presents her findings. Henriette wears the workwear t.

 In the same room, Judith, our production manager for non-European factories and collection developer, prepares and cuts a pattern for a press sample, while wearing the hood moto-azabu.

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