Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection

The privacy protection policy is established to protect personal data of users of this website in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and provide better services. To have you feel at ease using various services and information provided by the website, we hereby explain the privacy protection policy to you to protect your rights. Please read the following carefully:

I.Applicability of Privacy Protection Policy

The content of the privacy protection policy includes how this website processes your personally identifiable information that we collect when you are using the services of the website. The privacy protection policy is not applicable to any website linked to this website or any person that is not authorized by the website or does not participate in management.

II. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data :

1. Personal data obtained at the website are only used internally for such purpose and in such scope as explained herein. We will request you to provide necessary personal data for the needs of our business or based on the nature of any activity, and process and use your personal data within the specific scope. Without your written consent or except as otherwise provided in applicable laws, this website will not give personal data to a third party or use personal data for any other purpose.

2. When you apply for membership of the website, make a purchase or participate in an activity held by the website, your name, email address and contact information that you provide and the time of use will be collected.

3.Your personal data will be used for the following purposes: To complete your requirements for any specific product, inform you of any special activity or new product, and send to you any information about the website (such as newsletter, etc.) You may log in to the website to cancel the subscription.

III. Purposes of Collecting Data:

  • Personal data collected by the services at the website include:
(1)  Personally, identifiable information: Name, address, phone number, Email address, etc.
(2)  Financially identifiable information: Credit card or account with the financial institution
(3)  Personal description: Sex, date of birth, etc.
  • Use of Collected Personal Data
(1)  When a member uses various services provided by the website, the information of the member will be shown on the page automatically.
(2) Conducting Transactions: When a member pre-orders, makes a purchase, participates in an activity, deals with any transaction or asks any question about delivery or payment, we can deal with the business necessary for the member’s question, relevant after-sales services and any other transaction.
(3)  Promotion, Advertisement or Marketing: We provide various electronic magazines for members and send to members the service-related information via Email, letter and telephone.
(4)  Questions and Answers: We use the Email address, phone number or any other contact information provided by a member to answer the question asked by the member at the website.

IV. External Link at the Website

A link to a third-party website may be provided on any webpage of the website. You may also clink any of the links provided by the website to visit another website. However, the privacy protection policy of the website is not applicable to the linked website. You must review the privacy protection policy of the linked website.


V. Policy of Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

The website never provides, exchanges, rents or sells any of your personal data to any individual, group, private enterprise or government agency unless we are required by the law or under contractual obligation to do so.

The circumstances covered by the aforementioned proviso include but are not limited to:

You have provided written consent.
.We are required to do so in accordance with the law.
.We intend to eliminate any danger to your life, body, freedom or property.
.When we cooperate with a government agency or academic research institution, such disclosure of data becomes necessary for statistics or academic research for public interest, and the data is processed by the provider or collector so that the disclosed data cannot be used to identify a specific data subject.
.When you violate the service terms, damage or obstruct the website or the rights of any other user, or cause any damage to a third party, the management unit of the website may at its discretion disclose your personal data to identify, contact, or take any necessary legal action.
.Such disclosure is beneficial to your rights.
When we authorize an entity to assist us in collecting, processing or using your personal data, we will be responsible for supervising and managing the authorized entity or individual.

VI. Use of Cookies

To provide you with the best services, the website will install Cookies on your computer and use them. If you do not accept Cookies, you may reject Cookies by setting a higher level of privacy options in your browser functions, but such rejection may cause some functions of the website not working normally.


VII. Amendment to the Privacy Protection Policy

We amend the policy of the website from time to time. If you have any question about the privacy statement of the website or any matter relevant to personal data, please contact the customer service center via Email.